portable-chicken-coop-plansPortable Chicken Coop Plans:

Smart and Easy

Many households around the country have decided on portable chicken coop plans to build their own chicken coops and runs, as the portability factor is a great idea for a number of reasons. While chickens are some of the easiest pets to care for, and there are many great reasons for keeping chickens in your yard, it does take a bit of work on your part. Having a portable chicken run, known asĀ  a “chicken ark” or a “chicken tractor,” is a fairly inexpensive way to keep in your yard naturally aerated, fertilized, and bug-free.

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Many predators, both large and small, would love nothing more than to get their teeth or claws on your lovely chickens, so you will need to protect them from cats and dogs and any other animals wanting to get your feathered friends. Here in Hawai’i we have mongooses who love eating chicken eggs and the small chicks, so chicken hutches must be constructed with predators in mind.

Hopefully, you know what the major predators are in your region. Whether you are managing a small number of chickens or a whole flock of them, it is important that you take the right steps to ensure their safety. With potential attackers coming from the ground as well as the sky, protective enclosures are a must.

Chicken coops and runs are what the chickens call home, and you can easily build your own chicken hutch. Consider, however, if you are building a chicken coop that you cannot move, then all the chicken poop is left for you to distribute as fertilizer, rather than have the chickens do that for you. A chicken ark will allow you to move the chickens around so their fertilizer is distributed naturally, and you choose where it goes!

When it comes to housing your chickens, you should definitely consider portable chicken coop plans to create chicken runs you can easily move around your yard. There are many benefits to a chicken ark as a protective enclosure you can move around:

  • You can move the chicken coops and runs around to ensure that predators have a more difficult time getting to your chickens.
  • By choosing portable chicken coop plans to make your own chicken ark, you’ll be able to move your hens around your lawn or property. Chickens are a benefit to lawns in many ways, such as by eating the numerous pests that plague your property, by fertilizing the lawn with their droppings, and by keeping your lawn trimmed through their constant grazing. When you move the ark to different areas of your lawn, you keep your entire lawn in excellent condition for free.
  • Move the chickens around according to the weather conditions. Instead of exposing them to bright sunlight or torrential rains, you can move their portable chicken coop around to ensure that trees and other objects provide shade and extra shelter when necessary.
  • Your chickens will get more exposure to natural sunlight and variety in their diet. Chickens are natural grazers and when grass makes up a majority of their food, your feed bill goes down, and the hens are healthier.

chicken-ark-or-tractorThese are only a few reasons that portable chicken coops are the best for your chickens, and you should start looking into building some portable chicken coops and runs for your chickens.

If you have a large number of chickens, you could make a number of smaller chicken runs that you could move around wheelbarrow-style with handles at one end and a wheel at the other. If you only have a few chickens, you could create a chicken ark that you can carry yourself. You could also install wheels on the larger chicken coop to ensure that it is easy to move around, depending on your terrain. Portable chicken coop plans come in many flavors. Your lawn and your chickens will thank you for the design!

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